November 07, 2008

Some more persians

The persian cat rescue mission continues. Lewis and Clark were on tv Monday and were adopted to their new home Monday afternoon. I was like a proud mama watching them sit so nice and confident on the show. They are so loving that I'm sure they are living the pampered life being waited on by their humans.

Jefferson didn't have much time to be lonely because Rosie and Jasper came to live here Monday night.
rosie jasper and jefferson

It was a long day for Jasper and Rosie with a trip to the vet to be cleaned, dematted, flea dipped, groomed, shots, and neutering. Since they had been living inside the bottom of a box spring they were quite overwhelmed. They are very underweight and sick from not getting proper food and having fleas feeding off them for 6 months.

I was making progress with them until I had to give them pills for tape worms yesterday morning. Rosie spit her's out once before it finally went down. Poor Jasper spit it out 5 times before he finally swallowed it. He was so scared that he ended up scratching me and biting my sleeve. After that both of them decided I was the worst human in the world and went back to being in the corner facing the wall.

So I decided to start over and try to figure out how to get their trust. I decided that maybe if I didn't make direct eye contact with them they wouldn't be as afraid. So last night I went up to sit with them and pet them while talking and no looking at them. They both started to relax and purr. It was wonderful.

Jefferson is getting adopted by a wonderful family on Monday and it'll just be Rosie and Jasper for a while. They have 3 cats left to rescue (couldn't get them out of the box spring) so maybe I'll be getting those. It's so hard not to be sad when dealing with these little ones. I try to concentrate on how good their lives will be in the future instead of being overwhelmed on how awful their lives were in the past.


herself75 said...

what a heartbreaking story. I can't imagine how people could do such a thing to any living creature. these kitties are SO lucky to have a nice foster home unitl they are adopted.

sydney said...

Oh poor kitties! I'm glad they're going to new homes so quickly.

Whenever I've had to pill a cat, I sit on the floor with my legs under me and the cat between my legs, facing away. Then I quickly stick the pill in, hold the mouth shut, and gently rub their throat. Course that may not work well with these cats.

I read once that the reason cats always go up to the person that's afraid of cats is because they don't look at the cat. I guess that's an invitation in cat language.

ambermoggie said...

so sad but they are very lucky to have you caring for them. Thank you

Lynn said...

What beautiful cats!!! So glad you are taking them in. I feel your pain on the pills. I have one cat that I can only pill by crushing up the pill, add a few drops of water and rub it into their gums. Cant spit that out!!

monica said...

Awww, those poor kitties. I am so glad they came to be fostered with you. You are doing a wonderful thing for these kitties.

Ria said...

It is so sad to read about these poor kittens! They are sooo lucky to have you.

knitseashore said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing to foster all these kitties! I volunteer once a week at my local cat shelter, and I know how hard it is to see them go to new homes, but it's a wonderful feeling too!

gypsyknits said...

Poor kitties but you have them now and they will discover the live they deserve. Keep up the good work.