November 03, 2008

I've been a little busy

The rescue group I work with usually gives me an endless supply of kittens to love for several weeks while I teach them manners and send them off to live with a new loving family. I just love kittens. However when they called to ask if I could take some of the cats they took from an illegal breeder I just couldn't say no. This is Lewis who is 6 months old. Pure persian with a sweet little personality.
This is Clark who is 9 weeks old and ran the house from day one.
And this last guy is Jefferson who is the prettiest fellow.

They along with 29 others were taken from an illegal cat breeder who couldn't understand why no one would pay $350 for pure persians without papers, vet care, infected with fleas, tape worms, and who's fur was so terrible matted that they had to be professionally groomed to get them looking this good. For the first couple days they were so frightened that they all sat in a corner facing the wall trembling in fear when I entered the room. Now they come running and fall over each other to be pet. What a difference a week makes. Although I'd like to keep them all (actually I'd have liked to keep all the kittens I've had) I know in my heart that they'll only be with me a short time before they find a forever family to cater to their ever whim.

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Lynn said...

What adorable kitties!!! You are amazing. I don't think I could let them go.....