February 06, 2008

An overcast day

Which means the pictures are awful. I finished clue 1 of SOSII yesterday. Only had to frog once when my count wasn't correct. I did a k3tog instead of a k2tog. That's what happens when you don't put down the lace when you get tired.
This is my lace knitting set up. Old stand formally used to hold paper when typing with a cookie sheet on it. A ton of magenits and magnetic business cards holding and marking everything. And coffee ..... lots of coffee.
My cat Oscar is a little pissy about it because she usually jumps up on the couch, walks across that table and the arm of the loveseat, and sleeps on the back of the loveseat. Now she has to just jump up on the arm of the loveseat and be done with it. Oscar is not happy.
Casted on and started the ribbing on my jaywalkers last night. I was watching the latest Harry Potter movie so lace knitting was out.

I was digging in my cabinet last night for something and found some yeast. Best if used by May 2003. Humm 5 yr old yeast isn't good so I emptied out the jar and recycled it.

This one is funny. We use to shop at Krogers when I lived in Ohio. I moved from Ohio 31 yrs ago so these bay leaves are at a minimum 31 yrs old. Probably should have thrown them out too but I didn't. Too nostalgic so I put them back in the cabinet.


5elementknitr said...

Thanks for stopping by - don't have your email so I'll have to respond to your comments in your...comments. Anyway, maybe the playful spirit is a cat ghost!

Oh and the old bay leaves tin would be a great carry case for stitch markers!

Lovs2Knit said...

I'm figuring that 5 year old yeast will make very nasty flat bread. :)

Anonymous said...

I did the cabinet sweep a few months ago. It's amazing how those spices and herbs hang on, isn't it??? LOL

It's a cloudy grey day here too and I just noticed, it's raining!!! It's looked like rain ALL day. I guess our cold front is finally here.

Anonymous said...

I did the cabinet sweep last week - not only spices, but canned goods too - I realized that some of the stuff had been in there since I moved into the apartment 6 years ago - cabinets empty and only buying stuff I need and not want - maybe I'll use them for yarn storage now :-)

Knit Witch said...

Haha!! Nostalgic spices! I love it!

Beautiful lace knitting - great job!

Maureen said...

So far so good on your stole! I am plugging away through clue 2... but I probably won't finish too quick since I cast on for another BSJ! :) I had to laugh! Just last week I too threw out my old jar of yeast. I think mine was 2005, but funny that we both had some in there!

Anonymous said...

I read in another blog, or in one of the knitlist daily messages that an old music stand that you can adjust the hight works good for holding patterns. Since I had one laying about, I put it to good use, and it works very well. What we don't go through to keep our pattern setting up so we can read it as we go.

I love the results when you finish a shawl or other lace project, but I have a terrible time with errors too. Almost always a missed yarn over.

Loved the bit about the yeast and bay leaves. I am sure I have spices nearly as old. Those particular two I use too often for them to hang around that long, but I have some, I am certain of that.

Have a great day :)