February 10, 2008

Dear Moen

I just felt the need to contact you to let you know how disappointed I am in your customer service. I purchased a replacement shower set and decided on Moen because you are know for quality products. I had a plumber install the new set. Perfect until the first use. Water started pouring out the back of the handle. The plumber felt this was due to a missing part.

My husband contact you by phone on Friday. When asked if there was some kind of clip to hold the unit in the correct position you knowledgable tech answered, "gee I don't know." Gee, thanks for all that great help.

Second call after consulting with the plumber again resulted in a tech who said that yes there was a part missing and yes it would be shipped out ....and you should receive it in 4-7 days. When asked if it could be shipped quicker since it was your fault that the set was missing parts he was told that for $12.95 it could be overnighted.

So thank you for allowing me to spend money purchasing your product, paying to have it installed, and then not having use of it until you send me the missing part. It's a pleasure to have to wire the part into place so that I can turn on the water in the rest of the house without having the bathroom flooding. I love having a shower that I can not use while waiting for the part.


monica said...

If the plummer knew there was a piece missing ?????? But I tell you, I don't believe there is any such thing as good customer service any more...It is a thing of the past. But that borders on ridiculous if you ask me they should be bending over backwards to get their product to you, that is a major inconvenience.

We are Delta/Masco people here since hubby works for them. I hope their customer service is better if we ever need help.

Anonymous said...

We just installed a Delta kitchen faucet on Friday night.

Our Moen had rusted out internally in less than 4 years.

Hopefully, we'll have better luck with the Delta faucet. It was easy to install.

Good luck with your shower faucet. Hope you get the new part soon. But, I agree with the previous commentor that the plumber should have seen that it was not working properly before he left.

sydney said...

(Marking Moen off my list) I've been pretty unhappy with my current kitchen faucet so I had thought about replacing it with a Moen. Guess I'll rethink that now.