February 05, 2008

Kid stuff

N: Gram I'm going to pick out your socks today.

Me: Ok.

N: I like picking out your socks because they have a lot of colors. I'm going to eat good food so that my feet grow bigger and then I'm going to take all your socks.

Me: Well then what will I wear if you take all my socks?

N: You'll just have to make more socks.

Me: Why don't I just make more socks for you when your feet grow bigger?

N: Because I don't like to wait.

N in his auntie's glasses: "These glasses soooo make me look older than 3. And I look smarter too. Now if only I could see more than 3" in front of my face."

W called yesterday. I asked how school was and he said, "Pants". I asked if he had played with Caleb and he answered "Pants." Hummm so the answer to every question would be pants. This could be fun.

"What did you eat for lunch?" "What do frogs wear on their heads?" "What do you use to paddle across the lake?" "What do you swing on at the playground?" After the 6th question he was laughing so hard he couldn't talk any more.

W says: Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where the answer to every question is as simple as pants.

I was driving down the road and the light up ahead was red so I stopped to let 5 cars turn down a sidestreet. The guy behind me flipped me the finger. Asshole! Not like we were going anywhere anyways.

Terrible pics today. Too overcast for anything. Picking thru clue 1 of my secret of the stole II. I just finished tinking back 2 rows and found my mistake right at the beginning of the row. I knit 3 together instead of 2. Knew I should have put the lace aside when the news came on. Oh well, the count should be fine now and I might finish clue 1 today.
Only need 2 more repeats on the lace scarf to finish to 6". Then all I'll have to do is hide the ends and block. We all know how long that'll take.

No picture of the black socks. I'm to the heel flap on the first sock and really bored.


Anonymous said...

Your grandkids crack me up, and he is unbelieveably cute too.

Lovs2Knit said...

The kiddos are a riot! I know how you feel. In a town of about 65,000 people, there are only about 10 people who know how to drive and aren't completely rude. Everyones always in a hurry.

sophanne said...


Becky in Iowa :O) said...

I do believe that W has discovered Bubbo. Somehow that scares me. lol

monica said...

LOL I think my answer to everything will be "yarn" from now on. It will take about 2 seconds of that before my kids are sick of it though. But it will be fun And yarn is the answer to everything .... right

Pants : )

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, the joys and simplicity of being three! Isn't it a shame that the guy behind you flipping the finger couldn't find that joy (and a little manners while he was at it???)

Knit Witch said...

Hahaha!!! PANTS! I love it!

Dorothy said...

How cute is he! "Because I don't like to wait!" I might laugh at that all day!