February 12, 2008

Merrily we knit along

that is when we aren't ripping back ..... like these lovely Jaywalkers. Got finished with the leg last night and oops couldn't get them on over my foot. Rip .... change to size 2 needles and start over. Love the yarn so it's a joy to work on them.

I finished clue #2 on my secret stole. Lovely patterns but the size of the pattern makes it a little hard to work with. Clue 4 came out Friday so I'm still behind but I'll get back to working on it after I finish my jaywalkers and hopefully finish with everyone else. The nice thing about being behind is that all the errors in the pattern are caught before I print the clue. What can you say about black socks? They are socks. They are black. They are boring to work on. They don't seem to be moving along.
Just finishing putting together a couple of exchange packages to everything I'm supose to be sending out for contests, exchanges, and whatever should be out next week.

The shower is all set. Hubby went back to the store where we bought it and they gave him a clip. It's a new type of faucet so when Jeff installed it and turned it off and on a half dozen times it worked just fine. He does mostly commercial work so we all learned something new on this. And what did Moen have to say? Well they haven't responded back to my email so I've got to think they don't care.

D3 got hit in the parking lot at Walmart Saturday. I was sweating it out all weekend praying that the people that hit her had valid insurance. I called their company Monday and yes they do have coverage the the adjuster will be contacting us about repairs. Entire back door is trashed and doesn't open. That's ok. D3 and S1 were fine and that's all that counts.

Saturday was also W's 5th birthday. Very exciting stuff. Can't believe he's been around for 5 yrs. What did I do without him? I bought him and his brother those big balls with the handle that you sit on and bounce around. It took a while but they got the hang of it. If only those came in adule sizes .... looked like fun!


gypsyknits said...

Shower troubles? Keep it your way pleeaasse...........LOL

The shawl is pretty. Black socks are just that.........boring black socks but when they're done they will be nice.

walmart hit: I was hit the other year by one of kids' English teachers at wal-mart. Our walmart has vehicle hits every day. What's that tell ya about the parking lot?

Anonymous said...

What a week you've had!!!

Kohl's parking lot is a mess too. Sheesh --- DS got hit twice there in one year (both NOT his fault).

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to W! I loved those bouncy balls when I was a kid. Glad no one was injured and that insurance will pay up, but what a bother to have to go through.

monica said...

Happy 5th Birthday W !!!!!

Glad to hear that your children were not injured, that is a great relief.

the shawl is so pretty.

sydney said...

I'm glad no one was hurt in the accident and that your shower is fixed now. You've had quite a week. The shawl is lovely though.

Anonymous said...

I haven't a clue as to how you knit a shawl as you are knitting this one, but it is certainly impressive. Actually, it's gorgeous!!!


mary said...

Wait a minute! Did I read your side bar correctly? 53 pairs of socks in one year? Whoa. I haven't knit that many in my life time. You can't possibly have any spare time :)

Glad the kids were not hurt at Wal-Mart. And especially happy to hear the shower is fixed and not too much damage.

Any more ghost stories? I'm not a believer in this stuff at all, yet, I had a Maltese for 15 yaers, loved that dog so much. Once after her death I opened my front door and she flew by my feet in a white puff. Of course she wasn't really there, and yet, she truly was.

Sorry for the long comment.

I'm busy knitting said...

So glad everyone is ok after the accident. When they get big there's just more to worry about. It was so much easier when they couldn't leave the yard.

Wool Winder said...

Glad your daughter and son are fine. Parking lots are dangerous places. I've experienced many near misses from people cutting through the parking spaces and driving too fast.

Beautiful stitch pattern on the shawl!