August 06, 2007

What's up with all those stitch markers?

Finished the scheepjes socks. I like how they came out but once again I don't care for the colorways. But then, as always, the person getting them LOVE IT so that's all that really matters.
And finished socks for W since all his good food turned his size 10 1/2 feet to 11s. I made size 12 since they'll fit ok. Knitpick essentials in dusk.
And finally the answer to the question "What's up with all those stitch markers?" The ones on the right are keeping track of the leg rows. I usually mark every 10 or 20 rows so I know how many I've done. These are for my son in law so his socks are 12 rows of ribbing followed by 70 rows of whatever pattern I've decided on.

The loops with the split stitch markers are to keep track of the heel flap. I usually do a knit 1 slip 1 on my heel flap for adult socks (kid socks just regulas ss since they outgrow before they can wear them out). I use to keep track of my rows on paper but what a hassle. "Did I mark that last row?" "Where did the paper go that I was keeping track on?" "Geeze! I just had that pen 2 seconds ago." Very hard to be organized when I'm not a really organized person.

So the method that works for me is: take this chain of 5 rings and attach it to the sock. In this case the heel flap for my sil's sock is 54 rows so I take 5 split stitch markers and put them on the marker holding the rings. Every time I finish 2 rows (k1 ,s1, p1, s1) I move a marker down the chain. When all the stitch markers are in the black ring I know I've finished 50 rows.

So that's my trick for making sure my socks match. Probably not really a short cut but it works for me.


Karen said...

Great socks! I don't mark anything when I am making socks. I just hold them up to each other and shoot for the same size. lol

Anonymous said...

You need one of those little clicky counter thingees. Makes sock counting very simple.

The socks look great. You've obviously been putting in some serious knitting time!

Anonymous said...

I should try that - right now I take a piece of graph paper and mark off the rows as I knit them and then use that as a template for the second sock - it works for now :-)

Anonymous said...

My daughter calls the markers on my socks "fishing tackle." I use a number of them to keep track of different things like you do, and that means, two socks should look alike, right? LOL - sometimes they do, but they are the same size.

Trish said...

The socks look great! I'm sure that W will be super happy to get his new socks. :~)
Good idea! I have an abacus bracelet that I use to keep track of all my rows.

Maureen said...

Thanks for explaing all that! It seems to work wonders for you with all the socks you finish. I guess I am a paper and pecil girl at heart, but I might have to try your work at least once! Thanks again! Everything looks great!

Patricia said...

What a great explanation. Thanks. Those socks really do match. I will have to give it a try.

Rachel said...

Ahh, what a smart tip, and perhaps the reason you get so many more socks knitted than I!