August 18, 2007

I'll get that bird!!!!

"I don't know why you are so upset, Diane. I was just trying to give my new bird friend a great big hug and a kiss." says Charlie.
This morning I woke to a white pigeon on my back deck. Beautiful bird just walking around on my deck. All 3 cats are riveted to the sliders watching the bird, lusting after the bird, waiting for the door to magically open so they can go kill that bird. And the bird? Clueless. Just walking and pooping on the back deck.
I called the town animal control officer for advice on what to do to insure this bird doesn't become brunch for my cats. The animal control officer said that it's probably a carrier pigeon, not in danger from cats at all. Probably didn't like the conditions in the upper atmosphere and decided to come down for a while. "The bird will be hanging around for anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks but it'll move on and go home after that. Pigeons are very aware of their surroundings and would never fall prey to a cat."
Cool. I thank the kind officer for all my newly acquired pigeon knowledge and hang up the phone. Joey and Oscar are still glued to the glass. Charlie? Well, he must have gotten bored and gone off for a nap. NOT!
While I was on the phone, Charlie (who is the only one who can open the front screen door) let himself out of the house. As I as watching the bird who is now sitting on the railing, I see Charlie jump across 6' on the deck, grab the bird in his front paws, and knock it down onto the deck. OMG!!! I whip open the slider, slam it behind me, and grab for Charlie. The only place I manage to get him is by his hind haunches. I pull him back toward me. He lets go of the bird. And instead of flying away the bird just sits there. Probably stunned trying to figure out what just happened.
I didn't have a good handle on the cat so Charlie jumps again grabbing the bird. This time I get him by the scruff of his neck and carry him away. The bird flies off toward the neighbor's house. I carry Charlie back into the house and put him down. Charlie, who is clearly pissed, turns and scratches me in the leg before rocketing off up the stairs.
Yes, there has been knitting. I finished 2 more pair of boring boy socks. 5 more pair to go. I'm almost finished with a baby sweater and cap set and I casted on another pair of socks last night. I'll get picture of everything later. Right now I'm off to the hardware store to get a latch for that front screen door.


sophanne said...

I had a similar experience with a baby bunny- only Annabelle figured out how to bring it into the house. i know how hard your heart was pumping!

Beth said...

Tuck, my cat while growing up, once had a tumble with a squirrel. How he got ahold of it to begin with is anybody's guess.

Yep, a latch for the door will fix everything. Until the cats learn how to work that too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Charlie probably thought you had done away with Thanksgiving dinner. I do not know why someone would say that the bird would not allow a cat to get it. Cats are predatory hunters and usually good at it. They will bring home squirrels, pigeons, rabbits, snakes, skunks,and anything else they can kill and drag home. My sister's cats bring in both doves and pigeons. Mostly my cats bring in grasshopper though. I found bird feathers last week all over the dining room, but no bird. I'm glas the bird was gone, but I am pretty certain it went to bird heaven.

Anonymous said...

The animal control officer sounds like he's pretty much clueless about how fast a cat can be and how dumb a pidgeon is.

Zoanna said...

That animal control guy must be a city slicker. Ain't a cat alive that can't take a pigeon to meet his Maker when he sets his mind to. Your Charlie is probably still mad at you for interrupting his dinner so violently. But I bet you won't see Pidgy or his pals again anytime soon.

Maureen said...

That is crazy! We have sevral neighborhood cats who love our yard and all the birds in it... but I won't let my own out of the house. I have enough trouble keeping the others in check without trying to control my own. Hopefully the bird is on its way again.

gypsyknits said...

We have indoor cats. They bird watch all the time and I swear the robins prance right under the window in plain view of the cats just to taunt them. Charlie is just
a food chain predator.

Kristin: Yarn & Order said...

Charlie's such a bad boy! But I guess it's natural instinct. I can't believe he can let himself outside!

Rachel said...

Ha ha, stupid bird! Glad you rescued him, anyway!