November 19, 2006

My swap assistant

Friday evening I watched the 3 little ones while their mom and dad took in a movie. They stopped by to pick up A but W and N spent the night. Saturday morning mom stopped by to pick up W for his swimming lessons but N and I decided to go on an adventure ..... just the two of us.

First we went to a local holiday fair. N picked up a few plastic canvas bear magnets for his fridge. We did a little visiting, he did a little flirting with a couple old ladies, and a good time was had by all.

Next we walked over to the grocery store to get some milk. Since N is only 2 and gets easily distracted this took a while. Luck would have it that Grams have all the time in the world. We're never in a rush when it comes to spending time with little ones. It's funny how when our own children are little we are so focused on getting through everything that we rarely take time to enjoy the journey. I think grandchildren are God's way of letting us have that second chance to see the world a different way.

After that we hopped by in the car to drive across town to a local coffee roaster to pick up some coffee for my exchange buddy. Sending coffee to someone in South Africa (a country with outstanding coffee) is a little like sending wool to someone in Peru but I decided that a little New England type coffee would help show Ruth a picture of my part of the world.

After we came home with our purchases N proceeded to assist me in picking out some yarn for my swap package. I must say he has wonderful taste in yarn. His reward for being a great assistant was cookies, milk, and a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD. My reward? Spending time with the little man.


Ruth said...

They do have great coffee in the stalls here, but they don't serve it well in the cafes. I'm looking forward to tasting New England Coffee, I just hope you like the South African stuff I picked up for you.

Karen said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend. My Granddaughter is coming for Christmas. I can't wait!

The Knit Wit said...

What a cutie! It sounds like a great day.