November 13, 2006

I can only count up to 6 .....

I was working on Tilly most of the weekend. Between stitches markers, life lines, and the never ending counting I think I've got this lace thing figured out. Of course the down side is that since there are 6 stitches in each repeat I no longer have the ability to count past 6. On a positive note I don't feel the urge to burst into tears every time I think I've made a mistake. Now that is progress for sure. For those who need to know the yarn is shadows from knitpicks and the needles are the new knitpicks option needles. I have to say I love the cables on these needles. Think my Boyd needlemaster may end up on ebay shortly.
And this little lady bug was enjoying a sunny spot on my window sill Saturday morning when I can down to make some coffee. Making good use of W's bunny bubbles.

Sunday was rain, rain, and more rain so hubby and I decided to do some mall walking. We were walking by the toystore and heard a teen say, "Yo, look at the yo-yo. Yo" Too many yo's in one sentence so I started laughing. Yo, I'm still giggling over it.


Ruth said...

The scarf is looking great.

herself75 said...

good to know about the needles. I've been toying with the idea of trading "up" to knitpicks. I really dislike the boye cables.

Anonymous said...

Your lace work seems to be coming along quite nicely. I made my first lace shawl earlier this year, and thought I would never put myself through something like that again. But I was wrong, I've already started another! LOL It's a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and pride when you successfully complete such a challenging project. Well, it is for me anyway.

Thank you for visiting my blog. It's always a pleasure to have visitors.

Have a great day. :)