November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I know I said that Tilly was finished but I had a change of heart. The top edge was curling like crazy which bugged me. So I decided to do an I cord edge. Of course I had no clue on how to actually do an I cord edge so I did a google search and found this. Boy so much easier than I thought it would be. This is take 2 on the orange/gold scarf. I decided to do a feathers and fans on size 6 needles. Looks much better than the last attempt with this yarn. And I've been working on this Christmas present. I made a set for a secret pal and my mom loved the look so I'm using the other half of the yarn for a set for her. It's hand dyed off ebay but I can't remember the seller info right now.
Every year on the day after thanksgiving I hit the store with my oldest daughter. This year I'm going to have to pass. Wednesday I was carrying W to the car, stepped on a larger piece of rock in the gravel driveway, the rock rolled out from under my foot and we ended up on the ground. Thankfully W was scared but fine. Me? Sprained left ankle and a skinned right knee. DAMN GRAVEL DRIVEWAY!!! So I think I'll stay home with my foot up and knit.


monica said...

I would stay home and knit too, in fact, that is what I am going to do. Hope your ankle and knee feels better soon. Oh, and I love the yarn you are knitting th hat with it is gorgeous.

Ruth said...

The new orange yarn looks like it was made for that pattern, the other scarf was lovely, but this is stunning. And i am in totally in love with the yarn you're using for the hat. BTW, your coffee and other goodies are in the mail. Enjoy your day knitting, sorry to hear that you hurt yourself.

Anonymous said...

Love the knit-work on the orange!