March 24, 2008

The sounds of Easter

Phone call at 8 am ....
W: Hi Gram! The easter bunny came to my house and left a basket for me, one for N, and one for A.
Me: How exciting! You are so lucky.
W: Yes I am. Did the easter bunny leave you a basket?
Me: No but he did leave a lot of eggs all over the back yard.
W: Oh that's great. Hey Gram?
Me: Yes?
W: Just stay out of the yard until I get there.
The easter bunny left some kites at my house too so N and W were out flying kites with D3 and S1. Not windy at all so they had to run with the kite on a short line to get it to stay up. N had a great time and stayed out running around for almost a half hour. W gave up after around 10 minutes and came in "I wanted to make sure my brother has plenty of room to fly his kite. I don't want the lines to get tangled."
Papa was sitting on the couch watching A play. All of a sudden she starts "singing" the alphabet song. Doesn't know the words but had the tune down. Words are overrated.
My sister in law is CFO at a company. Computers crashed Friday so she and my brother spent the weekend in the office working with a tech guy to make sure everything was good to go on Monday. My neice and her hubby both work at the same company as worker bees .... they were at my house for easter dinner .... sometimes it's good to be just a worker bee.
I got A a pair of new balance sneakers off ebay (when they said worn a couple times in the house with no sign of wear they weren't kidding). I put them on her feet and noticed a tag on the side that said they were all terrain. Thank God! Now I don't have to worry about her walking on dirt, grass, or gravel.
And as the car was getting ready to pull out W's last comment was: Gram? It you find some more eggs that we missed just put them aside and give me a call. Great Gram can bring them up on Tuesday for me.
I love easter with little ones about.
Gotta go make sure the cheese cake in my fridge isn't lonely without me.......


Rachel said...

Happy Easter! Your kids say the cutest things!

sophanne said...

so sweet- so sweet

Karen said...

Your phone conversation with W was a hoot. Kids are so great!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter - sounds like a lovely day :-)

Sydney said...

LOL at "Just stay out of the yard until I get there"! It sounds like a fun Easter.

monica said...

Your grandkids are so cute. At least it is still chilly enough out that those eggs won't start to smell for a while if they did miss some.

Lisa said...

I cannot even tell you how much you stories make me laugh!!! I don't know who is funnier - "Gram" or "W"!!!