March 11, 2008

College crafts class

In every college student's life a little artistic effort is involved. D3 took her artsy class last semester. She decided on an acting class and had fun. The semester before she took a painting class which was interesting . S1 hasn't decided on anything as of yet but he'll be doing something next semester.

D2 is around as artistic as a brick. Acting no way! Not gonna stand up in front of anyone and act. How about a crafts class? Really how hard could it be? First project was sunweaving. She did 2 and gave to her boyfriend. Hated sunweaving and will never do it again.

Next up paper mache. Gotta make 2 projects and had to be something roundish in shape. Everyone in the class starts making piggy banks. Now D2 doesn't march to a different drummer .... she's got her own friggin' band.
Gotta admit Mr Potato head is pretty cute. Project #2 is even more interesting but you'll have to wait until it's done for a picture or any details.

And yes .... I'm still friggin' sick!


Sydney said...

LOL, I like Mr. Potatohead! That seems pretty creative to me.

Lynn said...

LOL LOVE the Mr Potato Head!!!
and you need to get better!!!
~~~~~~healing vibes~~~~~~~

Rachel said...

Very cute potato head, and I hope you feel better very soon!

Vivian said...

Mr. Potato Head is very cute! Your daughter is talented for sure. Her own band is not a bad idea, I think my whole family is marching in different bands in different directions.

Thank you for your comment about Trinket. Glad to know there are others with the same opponion. You are right, non treatment is not neglect, it's a choice.

Anita said...

Mr. Potato Head is great! I love him!! :)

Hope you feel better soon! I had mine for about 2 1/2 weeks, just now starting to feel like myself again!

monica said...

Aww I wish you were feeling better. I think I had that nasty bug forever.

Mr. Potato Head is pretty darn cute. Can't wait to see what else she came up with