January 02, 2008

Kid stuff

W got a kid friendly digital camera for Christmas from his great uncle. He loves it. He's been taking pictures of everyone and everything. Today was his first day back at nursery school and he begged his mommy to let him take the camera to get some pictures of school. His mommy agreed but said that they would have to go a little early, take the pictures, and then she's take the camera home with her so the class wouldn't be distracted.

W and mommy arrive at school and W takes pictures of everything. It's time for class to start so mommy takes the camera and starts to walk to the door. W runs over all excited and mommy thinks it's for a quick hug before she leaves. She's correct. W grabs the camera, hugs it, and announces, "I love my camera sooooooo much."

W: Gram I've got some exciting news!
Me: Oh what could it be?
W: I've got a tooth that's loose. I was eatting an apple but I couldn't because my tooth wasn't strong enough.
Me: That's so exciting.
W: Yes and do you know what happens next?
Me: Your tooth comes out?
W: After that part. Someone comes to our house.
Me: Is it an elephant?
W: **Huge sigh and a tone in his voice like "Gram how have you gotten this far in life without knowing stuff? Thank God for me so you won't be stupid any longer" ** No not an elephant. The tooth fairy will come and take my tooth and leave me money.
Me: Oh that sounds much better than having an elephant in your house.
W: Yes it is. I can't talk any more. I'm too excited. I've got to go wiggle my tooth some more.


Barb said...

I bought Megan a kid friendly Digi Cam for christmas and she LOVES it, it was the only thing she asked for it was cute!! that's so cute about the loose tooth :)

Corinne said...

OMG, kids are so cute. They say the funniest things and they think that we are the crazy ones!!

Marie said...

LOL! Rotten kid! I hope you post some of his pics on your site..I love how creative the kids are...Happy New Year!

Lovs2Knit said...

lol...that's so cute! My oldest has one of those toddler friendly cameras. She loved hers too. :)

monica said...

LOL Never a dull moment in conversation with kids. The tooth fairy is going broke here this week. DD2 and the boy child have both lost teeth and apparently the molars are worth more than the regular teeth .... so I am told.

Lynn said...

ROTFL!! OMG he is SO funny!!! Gotta give that camera one more hug!! ROTLF!!