April 22, 2009

Hey long time no blog

Well I'd like to say that I've been busy but the truth of the matter is that this is mostly a knitting blog and since I haven't finished anything lately I haven't blogged. I've got lots of stuff that just needs to be blocked and ends hidden but haven't gotten around to it.

Of course this hasn't helped ....
may be our new dog
I've never been a dog person. It's not that I disliked dogs but I had enough to do with raising 4 kids to worry about a dog so I've always had cats.

Anyways, I've loved fostering the cats and kittens a lot. It worked out well because I'm always home. So a couple months ago I decided that when my own cats were gone I'd only have foster cats and would get a dog. I was researching breeds for characteristics weighing pros and cons of each breed. Treating it like a business decission.

And all the planning went right out the window when I looked on petfinder and saw a little guy named Shadow. I put in an application that night, made arrangement to meet him on Friday and ended up taking him home with me.

He was renamed Milo and he's been a handful. From what I've come to understand he was a puppy mill dog who is 18 months old. He has limited social skills. Every household sound makes him bark. Every person who walks in the door sends him barking. He's a bundle of nerves. But already he seems to be doing better so we'll just work together to give him everything he needs to be a part of our family.

Of course not everyone thinks highly of Milo. This guy has been checking him out from a distance.
joey napping 030409
They said Milo was good with cats but other than being in a foster home for maybe a day or two with cats I don't think he had any contact with them. Joey of course has had no contact with dogs. Since it's warm and Joey is outside most of the summer things should shake out ok.

I still have Tanner. He's been sick with a uri so antibiotics twice a day for him. He's been hanging on the 3rd floor since Milo got here and wandering down every so often. Milo is only on the main level and my room so he's not upstairs. The way my house is set up there's a catwalk/loft area over the living room with a circular stair case to the living room. So Tanner hangs out mostly on the catwalk looking through the railing at the dog. He'll walk down the circular stairs and sit just out of reach. I'm so proud of Tanner; he's come such a long way. Now if only he could get adopted.
tanner napping

So that's about it. Never a dull moment around here anymore.


Sydney said...

Tanner looks so darn comfortable in your home though. :)

Congrats on the new pup. I'm sure he'll settle down once he gets used to stuff. We had visiting dogs over Thanksgiving and I was surprised that Katie got along with them just fine.

Ria said...

Good luck with milo - he has the rascaliest (is that a word?) cutie pie face.

Tanner is just waiting for a hug!

monica said...

Aww Milo is a cutie, I am sure he will adapt soon.

Love the kittie pictures.

ambermoggie said...

Welcome back, looks like you have had your hands full:) I love the new arrival. If I lived nearer I'd definately give the ginger one a home:)

Maureen said...

Even if there is no knitting content, you should still post! Love all the pet photos! Milo is adorable!

gypsyknits said...

Welcome, welcome Milo! Mr. Bettis & Co sends barking congrats:).

Did he come with a manual? LOL

Don't you just love watching the cats interact (or not) with the dog? Cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

I can see Milo is going to keep you busy for a while, but in time I'm sure he'll settle down. Tanner looks adorable! Talk about getting comfy!! :)