January 15, 2009

It's all about the cats ........

Being a kitty mama is always interesting. You just never know what the next phone call will bring. My phone rang before new years and I was asked if I could take a 5-6 month old cat who looked to have been abandoned on a farm. Of course it was single digit cold at night so I said yes. Unfortunately when they went to get the little cat they couldn't find it but this one came running over.
lily 010309
I named her Lily and she's a friendly gal. According to the vet she's 2 yrs old and already had been neutered. She'll be up for adoption soon and deserves a great home.

When they finally got the little cat on new years day he was thin and had about 30 ticks on his little body. His name is now Tanner and he's 8 months old. Tanner was dropped off the same time as Lily because they seem to know each other. Unfortunately because Tanner was outside a little longer than Lily he's having a hard time trusting we humans.
I've been working very hard to get him to be a little braver but he still runs and hides the minute I walk in the room. It's he beautiful?

And there's been some knitting. I finished 2 pair for socks for grandson N who thought they were the greatest socks ever.
child size 11
And I finished my brother's socks that weren't done in time for Christmas.
andy socks
I'm currently knitting a shawl for my friend's mom who is currently undergoing treatment for brain cancer. They removed most of the tumor but it'll grow back quickly. I feel terrible for my friend because I know it's so hard to watch as things start to slip away and cancer wins.


ambermoggie said...

Sorry to hear about your friends mum:( Sending strength for them both. Love the new kitties and the knitting as always:)

Lovs2Knit said...

Cutie kitties! I love that you are being a foster mom to kitties who need your help. They get a chance to feel what real human love is. :)

Knit Witch said...

Awwwwww - so cute! Thanks so much for taking care of the little guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

The socks are really lovely, but that's nothing new. You always do beautiful work.

I bet that even though Tanner isn't being overly friendly, he is very thankful that you have taken him in and are now keeping him warm, well fed and free of ticks. He just hasn't learned the language yet! Give him time.....haha

Take care :)

gypsyknits said...

You always get the most beautiful cats.
I shudder over the ticks.
So sorry to hear about your friend's mother. My prayers are with her.

Ria said...

My prayers to your friend and her mom.

Those kitties are just precious and so lucky to have you!

Sydney said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's mom.

Those are the greatest socks ever. Besides, grandma made them. :) Lily and Tanner are cuties. I'm sure Tanner will come around soon.

Lynn said...

Great new foster kitties! I get they are thrilled that they have a warm house to live in. Great finishes as well.

monica said...

Those are both beautiful cats. It is so nice their are people like you that can take them in.

Your socks look wonderful

Sorry to hear about your friend's mom, I am sure she will appreciate the shawl.