January 31, 2009

End of the month already?

Where does the time go? The kids are all back to school. D3 made the dean's list complete with certificate mailed to the house. The school that the other 2 are in just publish the dean's list and both D2 and S1 were on it. Smart kids .... must take after their dad.
I've been working with the foster cats quite a bit. Lily is a peach and hopefully will be adopted tomorrow. Her new mom is an older woman who lives by herself, disables, and would love a nice lap cat. Lily will fit the bill perfectly.
Tanner has turned into a cheeky little boy. Playful and full of energy he doesn't run away as much anymore. I can pick him up and pet but no one else in the household can pick him up. There's a couple that adopted a persian (not one of the ones I fostered) and they are looking for a pal for him. Tanner might be a perfect fit so fingers crossed that he'll have a forever home soon.
I've done a little knitting. Still working on the shawl for my friend's mom. Almost done with it but had to set it aside until things settled down a bit so I could wash and block it.
I made a couple kitty wontons which seem to be a hit. They work up very quickly.
kitty wantons
tanner with wonton
I decided to cast on a sweater for my granddaughter. The pattern is Helena from knitty.com and the yarn I decided to use is red heart sports weight. I finally got gauge on size 4's instead of the recommended size 6's and it's moving right along. If the sweater is a hit then I'll probably make another one is a nice cotton blend that can go in the washer/dryer. I don't care for the ties so I'll probably put on a couple buttons. We'll see.
new sweater
I've been involved in a traveling scarf project with one of my on line groups at Ravelry and sat on some scarves for a long time. The person I mail to moved like 3 times in a month which is crazy!?!? Her hubby is in the military and they've been apart for a while so at least at the end of it all her family will all be together. I can't begin to thank the families of the armed services for everything they do.
So I finally mailed off these today and will wait patiently for some more to come. Fun project with beautiful results. My own scarf is MIA currently and I've got to say that if it comes up missing forever I won't be the least bit upset because I'm loving working on everyone else's scarves.
scarf 1
scarf 2
scarf 3
So snow, freezing rain, ice skating in the driveway, etc, that's been about it for me. Hope everyone is keeping nice and warm while they knit away.


ambermoggie said...

you have been busy:) Love the sweater colour, perfect for spring. I am so pleased the cats have a chance of a permanent home it must make you happy to see them coming out of their shells:)

Vivian said...

Congratulations to all the kids on their respectful deans' lists! My mom got your package and was overwhelmed by the generosity of the knitters all over the country. She had the best birthday in her 72 years.

Maureen said...

Those are fun scarves. What a great project!

gypsyknits said...

Congrats to the kids!!!!! You should be proud. Love the knitting.