July 23, 2007

Getting there .....

Working along on this Tilly shawl most of the weekend. Made a huge mistake last night so I'm talking myself into the fact it's probably only going to take tinking back 1 row to fix it. On a good note I've decided to name this project the "Diamonds on Fire Shawl". With a cool name like that I don't think I'll resent tinking back as much.

In the works.
Opal Smoke size 12 socks for my sil are done. Will weave the ends on the conference call in 10 minutes.
Same with these Opal Krocodile's for sil.

W: Gram, I need more socks.
Me: Why?
W: My socks are too small for my feet.
Me: What happened to make your socks too small?
W: I ate a lot of good food and my feet got bigger.
Me: Ok. I'll make you some socks. How about blue socks?
W: Blue is my favorite color. Blue socks would be fine. Can you make some new socks for N too?
Me: Sure I can. Did he eat good food and make his feet grow too?
W: Yes his good food went right to his feet too.
*** Ok so I eat stuff and it goes to my ass and thighs. Little men eat food and it goes right to their feet. lol


Patricia said...

Great reasons for keeping those socks coming!

Rachel said...

ha ha, at least they're requesting socks! I like that yarn you're using for the shawl. What is it?

Trish said...

lol....cute! The shawl is coming along great.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the unfairness of the universe.

The socks look good. That's a lot of knitting!

Just A Knit Wit said...

I love the diamonds in fire shawl. It's turning out beautifully. I can't wait to see it blocked!

sydney said...

I like the name "Diamonds on Fire". It fits the shawl perfectly.

Eikon said...

You knit at a phenomenal rate. I'm working on an EZ circle shawl and cursing lace in all its forms at the moment.

Jessica said...

You will get into ravelry and it will be worth the wait. Besides, when you get there I might have gotten my computer to co-operate with it better than it is doing right now.

ruth said...

Yeah, I just have to look at food to have it go to my hips and thighs... The shawl is amazing and the socks look great, I can't get over how many socks you churn out!

monica said...

I don't even have to eat the good food, it just goes directly to the hips and thighs. Your socks look great.