July 02, 2007

Exchange package mailed sooooooo

I'm allowed to open mine! When the group manager was pairing up participants she didn't realize that Sherry and I were exchange partners for a dishcloth swap. Sherry didn't mind being my partner again and I certainly didn't so we made each other bags. It's fun because I knit and Sherry crochets so it's fun to get something that I wouldn't make myself!
Isn't this fun? It's the perfect size to throw in a couple things and run out the door. I will definately be using this one.
Some patterns to make purses, a chicago keychain, hand towel, bag of scented lotion soap, etc, some leg lotion, stitch holders, and
these things called scent chips. They are so full of scent it's unbelievable. I'll be stashing them around the house and according to the paperwork their scent will release for a long time.

Thanks Sherry!
I finished a pair of socks for my son in law. I love how they came out! I love them so much that I think I'll make another pair exactly the same. lol. Both are Opal yarn. The blue/black is croc and the blues and brown is called smoke. The smoke came in my last shipment from astrid so at least it isn't sitting around in my stash.

Hubby is a little upset by all these socks with none being for him so I just might have to knit him a pair to stop the whining.


Trish said...

Great swap box.
lol...you better get some socks knit up for hubby. :~)

monica said...

Great package. you are so lucky that your hubby wants your hand knit socks I would love to make some form mine but he won't wear them.

ruth said...

The bag is very cute. I love the smoke sock.

Maureen said...

Wow! What fun thisngs for your package! Great job on the socks too!

Heidi said...

where do you find all of these swaps, and KAL's???

Anonymous said...

It looks like you struck the jackpot with your swap package. Good for you. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with all the goodies.

Love the socks. Worked up beautifully, both of them.

Have a good day. :)