September 05, 2012

So back to blogging

I found that when I blogged it kept me on track with my knitting so I decided to go back to blogging, 
Lots has happened. There's a new granddaughter thanks to daughter #2. Missy B is now 2 weeks old and a sweet little one.
W is 9 yrs old and a wonderful kiddo. Smart, helpful, and still a cuddle bug. N is 7 and hysterically funny. He loves collecting stuff. All kinds of stuff. 
Little Missy A is 6 and starting 1st grade. She's all kinds of sassy and such a girlie girl.
Petwise there's still Milo and Tanner. Joey disappeared a couple weeks ago at age 21. He had a wonderful life and we miss him every single day.

And there's been knitting
socks for missy a. toddler size 11
a minion hat for missy b to grow into

 socks for N boys size 1.5
 socks for W boys size 5.

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judi bola said...

Welcome to your blog, sweety!!