October 16, 2008

This and that

Foster kitten Coal is having a grand time now that he's the only kitten around. His favorite thing to do every evening is to watch the fire in the fireplace. He's so cute.
I'm involved in a ravelry group traveling scarf thing and this is my part for my scarf. I kind of remember buying the yarn but don't remember what I was going to use it for. How did I decide on knitpick eggplant? I reached into a box of yarn and pulled it out without looking.
Coal says: Your cell phone? I thought it was my cell phone. Don't you know that everything in the house is mine? When you're a kitten everything is a kitten toy.
And while I know I should probably be actually finishing some of the projects I've got going on I find myself starting other stuff anyways. Like this feather and fan scarf I started on Sunday using Ray's wonderful lace yarn. The colorways is graffiti which I thought might be a little busy for feather and fan but as Rachel Zoe would say, It's bananas.
I've got at least 5 hrs on this 5 hr baby sweater and as you can see all I'm missing is sleeves. What a wild color. Not traditional baby stuff but I love how babies look in vivid colors.
Gotta go see what Coal is knocking over now.


Vivian said...

The baby sweater looks very cute, love the color! The sleeves will go very fast.

sydney said...

I like the baby sweater. You shouldn't have too much longer to finish.

Kittens can play with anything anytime.

gypsyknits said...

Coal seems to know exactly what he wants to do:) Play!

I love the color of the baby sweater. 5 hours? I was afraid it would take longer. But it is cute.
Now hide the yarn before Coal finds it.........

monica said...

That Coal is sure a cutie.
I like the bright colors for baby clothes too and am always so happy when I am asked to make something in "not pastel". You will have it finished in no time

Maureen said...

Love all the current projects! Coal is adorable!